Finding Out if Your Coins are Valuable


Coin collecting is supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxing hobby and for many people, that’s all it ever stays as. One of the many benefits of a growing coin collection means eventually, if you’re diligent and careful with your coins, you’ll be able to score some coins that are worth a little bit of money and over time, will continue to increase in value. While websites like sell coins that can help you get started on your mint coin collection, the ones you find on the street can get you started in your search for value.

It can be hard to know where to start when you’re trying to find out if your coins are worth anything more than sentimental value, but there are a few ways you can find out the value of some of your precious finds.

  • Look up some of the rare coin deformities. Perks of collecting coins is finding out if any of them have any issues with their design, such as misspellings or misprinted pictures. These coins generally aren’t worth millions, but can be worth more than their face value, which can make owning them more exciting or give you a break if you end up deciding to sell.
  • Skim through your coins and look at the dates on them – from pennies to dimes. Most of the time, the older coins are the ones you want to look into and research. The older the coin is, the more likely it is to be sought after or even made with something different such as real silver. In several cases, only a certain number of coins were printed, so they are much more valuable than others.
  • Visit your local coin shop to get more information on any coins that you come across. While you don’t need to take every single coin you own into the store, consider some of the things you read about coins and whether or not it’s worth checking into. Once you have started reading literature about coin collecting and gathering information from the Internet, you’ll be able to use your best judgement and decide if an old coin is worth getting looked at.

While some coins are more valuable to you because of the experience you had collecting it, there are some finds that could be worth selling to a dealer or other coin collector. After all, sentimental value is more important than monetary value, but it can make your hobby just a little bit more exciting.